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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Permitted but Not Blessed

Scripture: Numbers 22:20-22
In this sermon, we will be introduced to the character of Balaam. We are reminded how he was backslidden, and invited the enemies into his home. He appeared […]
Topics: Backsliding

A Slave To Second Best

Scripture: Numbers 10:29-31
In this lesson: A Slave To Second Best, one of the biggest things that we have to learn about our physical life and our spiritual life is that […]

The Significance of the Standard

Scripture: Numbers 2:1-2
In this sermon The Significance of the Standard, In our modern day society, it has become commonplace for people to challenge nearly every “landmark” and question the significance […]
Topics: Holiness

The Power of Nevertheless

Scripture: Numbers 13:23-33
This lesson teaches us on The Power of Nevertheless. In the English vocabulary, there are a handful of words that can change the entire context of a sentence […]

Water From the Rock

Scripture: Numbers 20:8-8
In this lesson, we talk about Water From the Rock. What is Water? Whatever will satisfy that desire in your heart today, is the water for your situation. […]

God’s Cure for Your Life

Scripture: Numbers 12:3-3
In this sermon God’s Cure for Your Life, Meekness brings contentment. Meekness means a person who willingly accepts and submits without resistance to the will and desires of […]

God Concept

Scripture: Numbers 13:17-33
In this sermon God Concept, we read the well-known story of the Israelites as they are sent out to spy the Land of Canaan. They went to evaluate […]
Topics: Faith, The Mind

When God Takes Responsibility For His People

Scripture: Numbers 23:19-22
In this sermon When God Takes Responsibility For His People, only a loving God could forgive wicked humanity. God looked upon our sins and took upon him a […]

There Is A Balance

Scripture: Numbers 9:8-10
There is a balance somewhere, but it’s not with the weight of the world pressing so hard on you that you can’t get a break through. It’s not […]
Topics: Prayer

Giants or Grapes

Scripture: Numbers 13:23-33
They spent a long time walking through the wilderness to get to the Promised Land.

What Are You Going To Do About The Grapes?

Scripture: Numbers 13:1-33
When you are motivated and energized and driven by the grapes, you will scare some people (you will talk big, you will think big, you will plan big, […]

Yes You Can

Scripture: Numbers 13:1-3
In this sermon Yes You Can, pride has robbed multitudes of their miracles, and stolen destiny from many of Gods people. It’s easy to blame the devil for […]
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