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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

Find sermon prep resources that make getting ready for Sunday a whole lot easier!

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No Fishing

Scripture: Micah 7:18-19
In this sermon No Fishing, We should never go fishing in the sea to regain the old sins we left at the altar. Into the sea is a […]
Topics: Forgiveness, Sin

Increasing God's Body - Multiplication

Scripture: Micah 7:1-6
In this sermon Increasing God’s Body – Multiplication, From the very beginning, God wanted to fill the earth with His influence. God mentions His image, and then “Multiply.” […]

How to Have God Bless Your Finances - Study outline

Scripture: Micah 3:8-11
This is the student’s study guide and outline of the message of the same title.
Topics: Stewardship

When You Can’t Get Out

Scripture: Micah 7:7-8
Every escape attempt at Colditz Castle resulted in a few weeks of solitary confinement for the perpetrator. Can you imagine how disheartening it must have been to come […]
Topics: Repentance, Sin

When You Can’t Get Out - Handout

Scripture: Micah 7:7-8
When You Can’t Get Out – Handout is used as a study guide for our lesson. Every escape attempt at Colditz Castle resulted in a few weeks of […]
Topics: Repentance, Sin

The Breaker

Scripture: Micah 2:12-13
There is in him what is not found anywhere else – that which can attract with equal power all people, and centralize in him the strongest sympathies of […]
Topics: Unity


Scripture: Micah 7:8-8
Four More Yards encourages us to keep going, even though we get knocked down every 4 yards. when we decide that we are going to get back up […]
Topics: Revival, Victory

A Place Of Beginning

Scripture: Micah 5:2-2
Men have always determined their course of travel by the lay of the land and by the watch of the stars.  Long before the days of maps and […]

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