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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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A Passion for Prayer

Scripture: Jude 20:-
This lesson teaches us about having A Passion for Prayer. The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of prayer and there are a variety of ways […]
Topics: Prayer

The Spiritual Struggle

Scripture: Jude 1:9-9
Even though we can’t see it, there are spiritual struggles taking place.

Christian Obedience

Scripture: Jude 1:4-4
In this sermon Christian Obedience, Christian liberty cannot mean a Christian is free to do as he pleases without reference to the will of God. By rejecting the […]

Saved From the Fire

Scripture: Jude 1:23-23
In this sermon Saved From the Fire, The reality is that much of the trouble that comes to our lives often is self-induced. We’ve made poor, ungodly choices […]
Topics: Hell

Contend for The Faith

Scripture: Jude 1:1-3
In this sermon Contend for The Faith, it takes effort and contending on your part. It is our reasonable service to contend for the sanctification of this temple! […]
Topics: Evangelism, Faith

Book of Jude

Scripture: Jude 1:1-25
 In this sermon, we read through the book of Jude. Jude wrote only 25 verses, but they are strong to warn us about backslidden, soul destroying people who […]

Having Compassion And Making A Difference

Scripture: Jude 1:17-25
The general purpose of Having Compassion And Making A Difference is to give you Motivation towards Evangelism. A fresh word from God can make the difference in your […]

It’s Time for a Revolution

Scripture: Jude 1:14-22
In this sermon It’s Time for a Revolution, we acknowledge that the Bible declares to us many truths. One truth that it reiterated over and over again, is […]

These are My Witnesses

Scripture: Jude 1:14-15
In this sermon These are My Witnesses, we learn God always gives man a chance to repent before He brings judgment.  He uses His witnesses for this purpose. […]

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