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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Word Of God

Scripture: James 1:21-25
In this sermon The Word of God, we learn four attitudes of receiving the word. The word of God is a seed that when it is nurtured respected […]

The Christian's Relationship To The World

Scripture: James 4:4-4
In this sermon The Christian’s Relationship To The World, remember, we are in the world, but not of the world. When we are filled with the Holy Ghost we […]

Getting the Power of God in Your Life

Scripture: James 4:7-8
In this lesson, Getting the Power of God in Your Life, it seems most are desperately desiring to sense God’s presence and power. Yet somehow, they see God […]

The Temptation Of Misusing The Tongue

Scripture: James 3:1-12
In this lesson, we learn about The Temptation of Misusing the Tongue.  Not many believers should become teachers because teachers shall face a stricter judgment from God. A […]

Don’t Miss The Mark

Scripture: James 1:14-14
In this lesson, Don’t Miss The Mark, we must strive everyday with every ounce of strength, to hit the mark. We strive when it feels good and when […]
Topics: Sin, Temptation

Abraham's Altars

Scripture: James 2:23-23
In this lesson, we learn about Abraham’s Altars. Abraham trusted and relied on God. He also conformed and was obedient to God’s thoughts and deeds. Have you ever […]

Right Here Is The House Of God And Right Now Is The Gate Of Heaven

Scripture: James 2:19-20
‘Right Here is the House of God and Right Now is the Gate of Heaven’ is the message that every dad needs to hear at least once in […]
Topics: Family, Obedience

Give Me Children Else I Die

Scripture: James 5:16-18
In this sermon Give Me Children Else I Die, the heartbeat of the church ought to be fishers of men. Reach into the depths of sinful hearts with […]
Topics: Evangelism

Just Keep Believing

Scripture: James 1:2-8
In this sermon Just Keep Believing, it seems as though we fall into despair. When the enemy can get us to despair, he then pounces on us to […]

Neither Do I Condemn You

Scripture: James 8:1-11
In this sermon Neither Do I Condemn You, we learn to love people like Jesus loved them.  It might be someone caught in the very act. They might be […]
Topics: Love, Sin, The Church

Bits, Bridles and Wild Horses

Scripture: James 3:3-3
In this sermon Bits, Bridles and Wild Horses, Sometimes within our fleshly natures there is the strong tendency to want to assert and push our way through life. […]
Topics: Joy, Love, Patience

Abraham's Altars - Handout

Scripture: James 2:23-23
Abraham’s Altars – Handout is used as a study guide for our lesson. We learn about Abraham’s Altars. Abraham trusted and relied on God. He also conformed and […]

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