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Vision: What is in the Blank?

Scripture: Acts 13:36-36
Cultures around the world have many differences. Languages vary. Ways of life and manner of dress change. However, every living person shares three similar elements. Each one has […]
Topics: Vision

Goals for Souls

Scripture: Acts 1:8-8
The Book of Acts begins with Jesus’ vision and final words for His disciples. The disciples went about accomplishing His vision one soul at a time (by taking […]
Topics: Soul Winning

The Resolution Of Evolution

Scripture: Acts 2:1-4
In this sermon The Resolution Of Evolution, we learn it’s time that we forget about the failures of our past and make a commitment that this next year […]

God Lovers

Scripture: Acts 1:3-3
In this sermon God Lovers, It does not matter who I am. What counts is that I am a God lover: heart, mind, and soul. Names may come […]
Topics: Holiness, Love

Reaching Maximum Potential

Scripture: Acts 19:20-20
This lesson on Reaching Maximum Potential,  is being written on the first day of a new year. Its only predecessor is a long list of New Year’s Resolutions […]

Just Because I Love You!

Scripture: Acts 17:24-28
In this sermon Just Because I Love You, Our relationship with the Lord Jesus is biblically compared to a marriage. In marriage, it is common, and certainly important […]
Topics: Holiness, Love

After His Passion

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3
In this sermon After His Passion, The word “passion” is used only this one time in the entire Bible. It sums up Jesus’ being despised and rejected by […]


Scripture: Acts 2:1-1
Teamwork’s a beautiful thing. When people come together for the same purpose, they can accomplish almost anything. But what makes a team more effective than an individual?

The Elevator Pitch

Scripture: Acts 2:38-38
In the business world, there’s a universally accepted term called the ‘elevator pitch.’ It represents everything you want someone to know condensed into the time it takes to […]

Almost Isn't Good Enough

Scripture: Acts 26:22-29
A person won’t change until they’re ready to. Every day, messages are preached, bible studies are conducted, and testimonies are shared around the world, yet people still refuse […]
Topics: Salvation

Angels in The Midst Of

Scripture: Acts 27:13-20
In this sermon Angels in The Midst Of, Has there ever been a time when you knew that you were walking in faith and obedience to His will; […]

Beyond The Iron Gate

Scripture: Acts 12:10-10
In this sermon Beyond The Iron Gate,  we take the story of peter and put ourselves into it as Peter. The enemy knew if he could just get […]
Topics: Miracles, Prayer

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