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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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It's Time To Pray

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 12:32-32
This lesson teaches us, It’s Time to Pray. A Christian’s commitment to prayer must be sufficient for the time in which he lives. But please realize that tomorrow […]
Topics: Prayer

Building Garrisons

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 18:6-13
As God gives us victory within our lives we must secure them. We must fortify our life with garrisons filled with God’s army of angels to fight on […]

I Will Not Die In Your Storm

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:10-17
There are storms that have come in our lives several times but we didn’t cause them. The weather had nothing to do with Jonah’s storm it was sin. […]

The Cost Of Trusting In Natural Power

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:1-3
In this lesson The Cost Of Trusting In Natural Power, we talk about Abraham on Moriah and show how he expected God to intervene with miracles in his […]

Three Enemies And Three Victories

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 11:22-25
This is one of those parts of the Bible that most of us pass over without much regard. After all, the characters in this passage are not prominent […]

The Purchasing Power of Desire

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:18-28
In this sermon The Purchasing Power of Desire, Your desire has the greatest purchasing power of anything that you possess. Because of the sin that David had committed, […]

The Keepers of the Cellar

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 27:28-28
In this sermon The Keepers of the Cellar,  there are lessons from the life of one man. Joash is named among the greatest of David’s men and his […]
Topics: Revival

God Wants You To Know

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28:9-9
It is my strong desire that each one of you would know God in the same measure and with the same results. I don’t want us to wait […]

Insider Secrets About Praise

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:1-1
In this sermon Insider Secrets About Praise, we learn that the devil does not want you to understand one of the insider secrets of praise  The devil does not […]

The Birthplace of Revival

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 21:1-28
We are still facing the same battle that we have faced since the creation of Adam and Eve. (The Battle between our flesh and God’s Spirit.) In The […]

Back of the Flock, Front of the Kingdom

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 17:7-7
In this sermon Back of the Flock, Front of the Kingdom, Sometimes God just wants to remind us of where we came from, so he can show us […]

It’s All in the Family

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 20:4-21
In this sermon It’s All in the Family, we learn God never intended for us to fight this battle alone. That’s why he gave us the Church, which […]

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