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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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What's Wrong with the Name of Jesus

Scripture: Acts 4:10-12
There are religious ceremonies going on all over this country that are singing about and preaching about the name of Jesus, but they refuse to take on the […]
Topics: Baptism


Scripture: Isaiah 42:1-4
In this sermon He Will Not Break a Bruised Reed, when you study the life of Jesus Christ you find time after time He healed and delivered and […]

The Church's Need For Intercession

Scripture: Romans 8:22-22
In this sermon The Church’s Need For Intercession, we find that there is help, and strength, and encouragement for you through the help of our great intercessor. The […]
Topics: Prayer, The Church


Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14-14
Revival is a Personal Thing shows us 4 things we must do in every service if we want to hear from heaven. In the hour that we are […]
Topics: Revival


Scripture: Mark 25:14-19
Here we have something good and something bad, Sowing and Reaping.  A lot of times we focus on the man who only had one talent and we preach […]
Topics: Revival

What Do We Do When The Brook Dries Up?

Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1-7
What Do We Do When The Brook Dries Up? God has a message for the whole world to hear and the only way of getting that message to […]
Topics: Ministry, Trust

Can We Build the House

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 2:1-16
The mission of the Church is to touch people redemptively and to carry Herself in a way that causes people to want to touch the Church.
Topics: The Church

God's Vision for Our Future

Scripture: Daniel 12:8-10
God intended His church to be leading this dark and wicked world toward Him.He intends for His church to be full of Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness. Why is […]
Topics: Vision

Holy Ghost Sunday

Scripture: Acts 8:15-19
In this sermon Holy Ghost Sunday, the Holy Ghost is a gift. The Holy Ghost has already been given, to those that believe. The Holy Ghost can become […]

House of Mercy

Scripture: John 5:1-9
In this sermon House of Mercy, The love of God is not just a passive feeling, but it’s a powerful force, the strongest force there is in this […]
Topics: Love, Mercy

It's Time to Fulfill Your Destiny

Scripture: 1 Samuel 9:1-2
In this lesson, you will be reminded of God’s purpose for you. We will read many examples from the bible that remind us that God’s plans are bigger […]

Let the Conquest Begin

Scripture: Joshua 6:1-5
Every child of God needs to know that Victory comes with a fight. There is nothing worth having that is not worth fighting for.

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