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From Doubt To Faith

Scripture: Romans 1:17-17
In this sermon From Doubt To Faith, Truly doubt destroys while faith saves. Faith is more than just a crutch to the weak and feeble. Our faith is […]
Topics: Faith


Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-12
In this lesson, we talk about Fasting. In a culture where we are bombarded with “Golden Arches” and an assortment of  fast-food, fasting seems out of place. How […]
Topics: Fasting

The Five E’s of Church Growth

Scripture: Acts 2:40-47
Church growth ought to be second nature for us. I’m afraid we ask the wrong question when it comes to church growth. Too many ask, “what will make […]
Topics: Church Growth

The Power of Thankfulness

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19
In this sermon The Power of Thankfulness, we learn the power of being thankful opens doors to God’s greatness. We should not base our relationship with God on what […]
Topics: Mercy, Truth

Lazarus Come Forth

Scripture: John 11:1-44
Too many of us are spiritual mummies; we have had a true conversion experience, but we live a life encumbered by the same things that entombed us in […]

Mission Impossible

Scripture: Genesis 6:11-14
We can’t continue the madness; we must step up and give our young men a fighting chance to become great-matured men and fathers. We have to teach them […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

Kingdom Connection for Generational Blessings

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6-6
God made you in his image after his likeness. He created you to be like him, in a way. God wants you to reign over the things of […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

It’s Alright To Cry

Scripture: Joel 2:1-2
Real men’ don’t cry. They don’t show their emotions; they are strong and silent. We have all heard these ridiculous statements. In “It’s Alright To Cry,” we learn […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

Are You Looking For A Change?

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
In this lesson Are You Looking For A Change, we learn Nothing changes if nothing changes. If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what […]
Topics: Choices, The Mind

Saving The Best For Last

Scripture: John 2:1-5
This made no sense, but they were doing what He said…..God may ask you to do something that makes no earthly sense this New Year, but can I […]
Topics: Miracles

Your Faith Must Stand Trial

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-12
In this sermon Your Faith Must Stand Trial, We are living in perplexing and challenging times! We struggle in ways that people do not even know that we […]
Topics: Faith, Trials

There Is More To Being Saved Than Easy Believism

Scripture: Acts 16:31-31
You cannot afford to make a mistake about Salvation. Your soul is too valuable, the lake of fire is too final and eternity is too long to be […]
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