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The Manger

Scripture: Luke 2:7-16
In this lesson, we direct our attention to The Manger.   A manger is a  box or trough that was found in the stable that night was an item […]

I Just Want My Life Back

Scripture: Amos 3:11-12
There are some things that after they have been destroyed can NEVER EVER be fixed!
Topics: Satan, Trials

He Is Mine Only Child

Scripture: Luke 9:37-42
Have you ever seen someone get into an argument over who had the worst surgery?It would seem that our human nature feels that if we can tell a […]
Topics: Faith

Hearing The Two Trumpets

Scripture: Numbers 10:1-7
This message Hearing The Two Trumpets, reminds us to not venture too far from the Lord, for our safety. The text for this sermon is taken from Numbers:1-7.  It […]

I Hope The Kids Will Understand

Scripture: Joshua 7:20-23
When are people going to realize that your actions are going to not only going to affect you, but every member of your family and those around you?
Topics: Family

Preparing The Son

Scripture: Genesis 21:8-8
Fathers Day & Mothers Day: It has been a holiday for as long as I can remember. What ever happened to Children Day? Have you ever seen a […]
Topics: Family

I Will Go To War For My Brother

Scripture: Genesis 14:11-16
We bind together through adversity, through troubles and trails. We come together through life events, both good and bad.
Topics: Trials

Spiritual Tag Alongs

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-5
In this lesson Spiritual Tag Alongs, we answer the question, what causes you to be a tag along? Life with the Lord may have troubles but there goes […]

The Plight Of The Goats

Scripture: Matthew 25:31-34
That congregation will acquire the drive and ambitions of their Shepherd. And together they will accomplish some mighty victories in this spiritual warfare.

The Theory Of The Broken Window

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:51-51
People who at one time would have taken a bullet for me have walked away from the Church, BUT IT HASN’T STOPPED REVIVAL! Some of those who have […]
Topics: Revival

Those Cute Little Foxes!

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15-15
This May Seem Foolish To You Tonight, But It’s The Repercussions Of A Loss Of The Small Things That Result In The Gargantuan Lose Of The IMPORTANT Things!
Topics: Sin, Trials

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