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Sermon Outlines

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A New Beginning

Scripture: John 8:1-11
Let’s talk about A New Beginning. No doubt, there are questions in your mind about this New Year. Often times at the beginning of the year, people ask […]

Build a Memorial

Scripture: Exodus 12:12-14
I wonder though how many of us remembered what the holiday was for. I wonder if any of us took the time on Memorial Day to think about […]
Topics: Memorials

Which Trail Are You On?

Scripture: Psalms 71:-
The trail then was a path of wisdom. If you stuck to the trail you would be sure to find water to graze your animals, shelter and resting […]
Topics: Sin, Wisdom

Asleep in the Light

Scripture: Psalms 25:13-13
You deserve a break today is the familiar slogan of Macdonald’s. It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it! It has a certain allure that catches our […]

No Lines, No Waiting

Scripture: Hebrews 7:19-19
In this sermon No Lines, No Waiting, all through the old testament they were hoping for a better way. Longing for a better way, looking for a better way, […]

The Lord Is On MY Side

Scripture: Deuteronomy 20:1-4
How many today can say that I have known the Lord to be on my side before? This morning I would like to reaffirm and reassure some young […]

It’s My Turn Now

Scripture: Psalms 66:18-18
I want you to know that salvation only works when you know that nothing else can be done on your part. When we say God I can’t do […]
Topics: Salvation

The Conclusion

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:3-3
It has been said that life is what happens while we are waiting around for something else to happen. Perhaps we had a different idea of how our […]
Topics: Obedience

Joy, Joy, Joy

Scripture: Psalms 30:5-5
Now, I am not so naive to think that we will always be on the top of the world walking on the mountain, for there will be occasion […]
Topics: Joy

Your Next Step Is Crucial

Scripture: Deuteronomy 4:-
The enemy of your soul will start you off on a path in life away from God. He will tell you how easy this path is to travel […]

If It Works, Do It!

Scripture: Romans 1:16-16
The Bible is full of things that will work if you put them to practice in your life. There is wise counsel to be found on a number […]

The Big If...

Scripture: Psalms 126:5-5
Each generation must look back to it’s beginning and express it’s gratitude for those who gave meaning to the present. We are the fulfillment of the dreams and […]
Topics: Prayer

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