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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Can You Afford to Be Slothful?

Scripture: Proverbs 24:30-34
Can You Afford to be Slothful? they have a term that encompasses what you value the most in life, how you spend your time, and whether you spend […]

No Fear of God

Scripture: Romans 3:10-13
In this lesson, No Fear of God, we learn,  it is wise in the eyes of God not to follow the ways of the foolish or those who […]
Topics: Fear

The Book With All the Answers

Scripture: Romans 10:9-17
In this sermon The Book With All The Answers, the Word of God teaches us to trust the Lord at all times. The more we become students of God’s […]

A Time For God

Scripture: Psalms 119:125-128
In this lesson, A Time For God, Something has to move us to get closer to God. No doubt about it, something is trying to move us away […]

A Prescription For All

Scripture: Mark 2:17-17
In this lesson we learn about A Prescription For All. At some time in life, you will need a doctor. For your body, teeth or even your soul. […]

A Priceless Treasure

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-50
In this lesson, we learn about A Priceless Treasure. How many of you would like to find a very valuable treasure? A treasure that is priceless, beyond money […]

A Message to the Faithful

Scripture: Psalms 31:23-24
In this lesson we talk about, A Message to the Faithful. I want to encourage those, that pray, worship, give and labor for God’s business, your labor is […]
Topics: Faith, Trust, Teamwork

A Message To The Faithful

Scripture: Psalms 31:23-24
You labor is not in vain or to be taken lightly. The Lord notices your time and efforts.  You are going to be rewarded greatly!

A World Becoming Less Interested in God

Scripture: Proverbs 30:12-13
Man will never figure this out on his own; we need Jesus, the real Jesus, not ‘your Jesus.’ We need the Holy Spirit working in us, leading and […]


Scripture: Matthew 3:1-11
Topics: Soul Winning


Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
The word of God provides for us ways to redeem ourselves to both man and God. This sermon titled Prove You’re Sorry, teaches us how to get in good […]
Topics: Repentance

There is no other way

Scripture: John 14:1-11
You cannot get to heaven any other way but through Jesus!
Topics: Salvation

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