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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Broken, Blessed and Multiplied

Scripture: Matthew 14:15-21
In this lesson, Broken, Blessed and Multiplied, desperation and brokenness can bring us to a new dimension in God through which no other doors may lead. We can’t […]

A Passion for Prayer

Scripture: Jude 20:-
This lesson teaches us about having A Passion for Prayer. The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of prayer and there are a variety of ways […]
Topics: Prayer

The Word That Never Dies

Scripture: 1 Samuel 28:12-18
In this sermon The Word That Never Dies, we acknowledge that the Word of God is forever settled in Heaven.  The messenger may die.  Times may change.  Culture […]
Topics: God's Word

The Prayer of the Demoniac of Gadara

Scripture: Luke 8:22-29
In this sermon The Prayer of the Demoniac of Gadara, When one bad spirit comes in, it is easy for others to follow. There are spirits that are […]
Topics: Miracles, Satan


Scripture: Ezra 3:11-13
In this sermon Transition, Transition is change. Change can be good or bad, depending on what we do with it. And fortunately or unfortunately, change is a part […]
Topics: Direction, Vision

Prayer for Israel

Scripture: Genesis 12:3-3
In this lesson Prayer for Israel, We will notice where Israel is going according to Bible prophecy. We answer the question as to why we should pray for […]


Scripture: Genesis 36:12-12
In this sermon we discover that Amalek inherited the spirit of his grandfather, Esau, of whom it was said “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated! […]

The Seed of the Sower

Scripture: Mark 4:26-26
In this sermon The Seed of the Sower, we find that the seed, in other words, has three levels. It is the Word of God that goes forth […]
Topics: Revival

The Palm Tree

Scripture: Psalms 92:1-15
In this sermon The Palm Tree, the palm tree does not simply grow in the desert; it flourishes. We can make it in this desert world. The roots […]
Topics: God's Word, Trials

Coping With Grief

In this sermon Coping With Grief, we will learn the Five Stages of Grief and Loss. Death is an unavoidable part of life. When death and loss come, […]
Topics: Death, Grief

How Will He Find You?

Scripture: Revelation 22:11-11
In this lesson: How Will He Find You, we must daily ask ourselves the question, would this be the way that I want the Lord to find me […]

The Girdle of God

Scripture: Jeremiah 13:11-11
The Girdle of God Represents a People Which Had Been Called By His Name, and He had surrounded Himself With
Topics: The Church

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