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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Big Head or Little Nail?

Scripture: Isaiah 22:23-24
In this lesson, Big Head or Little Nail, are you allowing the Holy Spirit to mold you into a nail that God’s Glory may hang upon your life? […]

Bumblebees, Cockroaches, Bats, and People

Scripture: Matthew 16:18-19
In this sermon Bumblebees, Cockroaches, Bats, and People,  God’s goal is to build people to fly in his will.  How long has it been since you flew in […]

The Party Hardy Weigh In?

Scripture: Daniel 5:27-27
God has a scales, they are accurate and true. Yes, we all know the mene …days are numbered and will be finished. Why do we here so little […]
Topics: Trials

What's Keeping You From Your Miracle?

Scripture: Luke 1:37-37
What’s Keeping You From Your Miracle? It has never been a question of God’s ability or power, for by our text we read that “for with God all […]
Topics: Miracles

Road Signs For Life

Scripture: Proverbs 2:9-9
In this sermon Road Signs For Life, God has given us a practical life map to live our lives for Him. He has pointed to our final destination. […]
Topics: Direction

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