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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Don't Miss the Music

Scripture: Luke 1:46-55
In this lesson, Don’t Miss the Music, how strange, that we often miss the Majesty that is right under our nose. Mary was music that many missed. Mary, […]
Topics: Grace

Fighting Above Your Weight

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:26-27
A few days ago, I ran across a statement that arrested my attention. In fact, I had never even heard of this phrase before. It was, “he is […]

The Invincible Order Of The Barley Bread Eaters

Scripture: Judges 7:9-15
In this sermon The Invincible Order Of The Barley Bread Eaters, When you look in the Bible, there are a number of Scriptures that indicate to us that God’s […]

A Refuge For A Weary Soul

Scripture: Psalms 46:1-3
You may ask where that refuge is.  Psalm 46:1 tells us that He is a very present help in trouble.  Again the Hebrew word used literally means that […]
Topics: Trials

God's High Call To Holiness

Scripture: 1 Peter 10:13-16
This sermon God’s High Call To Holiness, explains the responsibility to teach and preach holiness.  It needs to be a high priority especially in the day in which […]

The First Sermon of the Church

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3
In The First Sermon of the Church, It is important to understand that when Peter stood to preach on the day of Pentecost that he had been filled […]

When Your First Choice Is God’s Second Choice

Scripture: Acts 16:7-8
When Your First Choice Is God’s Second Choice, The lesson of life is that there are times things are withheld from us for our own good. God closes […]

Five Reasons We Cannot Make It Without Prayer

Scripture: Ephesians 6:18-19
There is no replacement for prayer. Church attendance, praise, singing, working for the church, giving can never replace your prayer. There are things that God wants to give […]
Topics: Prayer

A Place Of Beginning

Scripture: Micah 5:2-2
Men have always determined their course of travel by the lay of the land and by the watch of the stars.  Long before the days of maps and […]

A Time For Recovery

Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:18-19
What Satan has embezzled from the Church, both individually and collectively is reaching a point of recovery

The Work Of The Riddler

Scripture: 1 Kings 6:7-7
I am becoming increasingly convinced that the concept in the mind of God concerning the church is much greater than what is known in our world presently.
Topics: Temple

What the King Desires

Scripture: 2 Samuel 23:13-17
In this sermon What the King Desires, there are price tags that will always be attached to greatness. Greatness does not come by credit nor can one take […]

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