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Addicted to THE Rock!

Scripture: Romans 6:16-23
That is not the rock I am talking about… I am talking about THE ROCK! The Stone that the Builders Rejected! I am talking about getting as addicted […]

Dressing For Success In The Kingdom

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:3-4
In this sermon Dressing For Success In The Kingdom, we learn we must take some things off before putting some things on. God does not look on the […]
Topics: Holiness

Eye Trouble In The Church

Scripture: Genesis 13:14-15
There is an inherent danger in Nearsightedness – it creates a limited field of vision resulting in An Attitude of Smallness. It shrinks the borders of your world […]
Topics: Revival

Truth Said So, but Mercy Said No!

Scripture: James 2:13-13
In this sermon Truth Said So, but Mercy Said No, for any judicial system to be effective in administering justice or judgement it must be based on Truth. […]

Spiritual Enemy #1

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:1-13
In this lesson, we learn about Spiritual Enemy #1. Fear in the flesh, paralyzes the body. Fear in the Spirit, paralyzes the soul. Most of us fear what […]

It Is Enough!

Scripture: Mark 14:41-41
In this sermon It Is Enough, Jesus endured many hardships for us. I do not know exactly how much “Enough” is, but I know that enough is enough.  […]

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