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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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What is Truth

Scripture: John 18:37-37
In this sermon What is Truth, we learn that God’s word is absolute. It contains no contradictions, has no double standards, and shows no favoritism. Truth deals with man’s […]
Topics: God's Word, Truth

Sing With The Understanding

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:13-13
The Bible tells us to Sing with The Understanding. Our singing will be more edifying, not to mention pleasing to God when we understand better what we sing. […]

The Peril of an Empty Heart

Scripture: Matthew 12:38-45
Spiritual fulness will satisfy the deepest needs, but when the Spirit of God leaves man, he is open for anything.

Limited Visions of an Unlimited Savior

Scripture: Mark 6:1-6
In this lesson, Limited Visions of an Unlimited Savior, some see Jesus only as the Carpenter’s son. Some see Him as Mary’s boy or a Prophet. But some […]

Ashes – or the Fire of the Holy Ghost

Scripture: Revelation 3:14-16
In this lesson Ashes – or the Fire of the Holy Ghost, if we are on fire for Jesus  –  we will love Him above all else. If […]

The Difference Between Clean and Whole

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19
If you look into the original Greek you will find that the word “whole” had everything to do with a saved condition and not just a condition of […]


Scripture: John 17:17-17
Truth will either bless you……or truth today will shake you.
Topics: Truth


Scripture: James 1:1-8
In this sermon Trials, James teaches on the matter of integrity and strength of his faith. Believe and progress to a mature, stable faith attitude towards potential stumbling […]
Topics: Faith, Trials

Turn Us Back to You

Scripture: Lamentations 5:1-15
In this sermon Turn Us Back to You, Don’t lose some of the Ole Apostolic Landmarks in your life. Turn or return. Don’t let the devil blind you […]
Topics: Direction

Their Bows Shall Be Broken

Scripture: 1 Samuel 2:1-10
In this sermon Their Bows Shall Be Broken, God made a way of escape, God had broken the bows of the enemy in the land of Egypt. Joshua […]

The Sleep of Death - Please Don’t Go to Sleep

Scripture: Psalms 13:3-3
In this sermon The Sleep of Death – Please Don’t Go to Sleep, we learn four stages of spiritual sleepiness. Drowsy, Apathy, Lethargy, and Paralysis. 1.  Drowsy  –  […]

The Struggle Against – What’s the Use

Scripture: Jeremiah 20:7-13
One of the most agonizing death of a saint of God is die from the disease – “What’s the Use” or “Let someone do it.”
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