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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Man Made In God's Likeness Then God Made In Man's Likeness

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-26
Notice that God made man in His likeness and then after man fell into sin, He made Himself into Man’s Likeness. And this was the incarnation, God manifest […]

Birth From The Pain Of Death

Scripture: Genesis 2:9-9
In this lesson, we discuss Birth From the Pain of Death. There is such a beautiful message in all that God created, including Motherhood, that tells us a […]

Water And Blood: Living Waters Of Eternal Life

Scripture: John 19:31-35
In this sermon Water And Blood: Living Waters Of Eternal Life, We receive his life. We rely heavily upon the original plan of God for Adam and Eve, […]
Topics: Eternal Life

Don't Just Do Something, Stand There

Scripture: Exodus 14:10-13
This lesson teaches us, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There. Many people have heard about Jesus Christ and have chosen to serve Him to a degree. Yet, not […]

A Child Requires Both A Father And A Mother

Scripture: Acts 100:1-18
In this sermon A Child Requires Both A Father And A Mother, A gentile named Cornelius, an Italian, was a man whom most would consider was to surely […]
Topics: Family, Parenting

Know Him Face To Face, Don't Fear His Love

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2
In this sermon Know Him Face To Face, Don’t Fear His Love, Moses wanted to know God deeply. He spoke to God face to face. God does not […]

The Kingdom Is Already Here

Scripture: Acts 2:33-33
When the bible associates something with something else, it is intended to be very significant. In this sermon The Kingdom Is Already Here, we read the Holy Ghost […]

The Mercy River Of Eternal Life

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-3
In this sermon The Mercy River Of Eternal Life, we know Jesus received the sure mercies of David according to Paul in His resurrection. He is speaking to […]

Faith For Third-Day Resurrection Power

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-4
In this sermon Faith For Third-Day Resurrection Power, the third day implies something we must be very conscious of. The day Jesus Christ resurrected. We need to come […]
Topics: Faith

Time To Go Back Where Jesus Laid

Scripture: Romans 6:3-5
In this sermon Time To Go Back Where Jesus Laid, The need for KNOWING the truth about the death of Jesus Christ and how it applies to us […]

Manifested Light Of Resurrection Truth To Defeat The Enemy

Scripture: Judges 6:1-6
The beginning of VICTORY in a defeated life is when people get under the shadow OF THE tree of the cross, like this bog oak, and desire BREAD […]

Can You See The Chariots Of Fire?

Scripture: Matthew 13:10-17
In this sermon Can You See The Chariots Of Fire, we go further into the thought of Elisha’s prayer for the servant to see the chariots of fire. […]
Topics: Faith
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