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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Power of Holiness

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:5-5
In this sermon The Power of Holiness, There are those that have a wrong concept of Holiness. They associate it with certain rules of a church or religious […]
Topics: Holiness

Holiness in God

Scripture: Colossians 1:13-13
In this sermon Holiness in God, To live for God successfully and victoriously we need the whole counsel of God. We just can’t take the two were three […]
Topics: Holiness

A Great Church

Scripture: Acts 2:42-46
In this sermon A Great Church, we all have a responsibility to minister to one another. Have fellowship with the saints not with the world. We need to […]

Why Buy the Ticket When You're Not Going to Ride the Train

Scripture: Matthew 13:20-22
Why Buy the Ticket When You’re Not Going to Ride the Train. There are a lot of people that start the race but never finish. Some might say […]
Topics: Backsliding

Laying in Delilah’s Lap

Scripture: Judges 16:4-4
In this lesson, Laying in Delilah’s Lap, Sampson had a strong his love was for Delilah but it seems she did not have a love for him. There […]

Who Is Like Our God

Scripture: Psalms 113:5-5
In this sermon Who Is Like Our God, The Psalmist David asked a question who is like unto the Lord. Not only is he the mighty God he […]
Topics: Nature of God

A Look at the Lost Son

Scripture: Luke 15:11-13
The lost son only looks at the things that are seen, that are temporal, and only to covet a present gratification of material positions. He was weary of […]
Topics: Repentance, Sin

The Three Marks Of A Disciple

Scripture: Luke 14:33-33
In this sermon The Three Marks Of A Disciple, we acknowledge that Jesus has called us to be disciples. The Word disciple means someone who (1.) believes his […]

The Removing Of Uzziah

Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-1
The Lord is asking you are you willing to move the Uzziahs out of your life to see the Lord as you never have and to experience his […]

Behind The Open Door

Scripture: Revelation 3:8-8
In this sermon Behind The Open Door, Why are you willing to remember things that God is willing to forget? Neither you nor God can change your past, […]

The Cry Of The Soul

Scripture: Psalms 40:1-1
In this lesson, The Cry of the Soul, we need to realize, that the Lord is as close as the mention of his name. There are times that […]
Topics: Grace, Mercy

The Choice

Scripture: Joshua 24:15-15
In this sermon The choice, the word of the Lord calls for us to choose. The choice is more than just a mental acknowledgement or a verbal statement. […]

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