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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Our Expectations Produce Actions

Scripture: Acts 3:5-1
This lesson teaches us that, Our Expectations Produce Actions. We all have expectations of what we “Expect” to happen. Either, on the job, in our marriages, our church, […]

Turn Your Mess Into A Message

Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-2
In this lesson, we learn how to Turn Your Mess Into A Message. We can all pretty well figure out, we have messes to deal with in our […]

Why Did Jesus Come?

Scripture: Colossians 1:1-3
In this lesson, we learn and ask, Why Did Jesus Come? When you came to an altar and repented of your sins, you were basically coming to the […]

Communion Service

Scripture: Matthew 24:26-30
Communion is something we do because Jesus asked us to do it in remembrance of how He did it for us. We all need to keep our hearts […]
Topics: Communion

Living in Forgiveness

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13
This lesson teaches us about Living in Forgiveness. We hear about the word forgiveness a lot. Unfortunately, it’s talked about more than acted out. Because of that, we […]

A Time to be Saved

Scripture: Acts 2:1-47
This lesson teaches us about A Time to be Saved. Living for God today is the best, easiest and most rewarding time ever in the history of the […]

Surrounded By God

Scripture: 1 John 12:5-7
The world feels surrounded by the Corona Virus and they are full of anxiety and fear. We need to understand that God has us surrounded by his Spirit.” […]

No Christ - No Christmas

Scripture: Luke 19:9-10
In this sermon No Christ – No Christmas, This time of the year would be just like any other time of the year. But what makes it so […]

Then Came Jesus

Scripture: Matthew 3:13-13
In this sermon Then Came Jesus, we can all relate with Mary. She witnessed incredible human suffering. She saw the agony of Jesus, but as all humans, she […]

Hand Out or a Hand Up?

Scripture: John 6:24-41
In this sermon Hand Out or a Hand Up, The Bible tells us that Jesus fed a crowd of 5,000. The next day, many searched for him, just […]

Check Your Vital Signs

Scripture: Romans 8:26-28
In this sermon Check Your Vital Signs, It ought to be easy to worship him when we are in good spiritual health. When you get the flu, you don’t feel like […]

Passing on the Mantle to the next Generation

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:5-7
In this sermon Passing on the Mantle to the next Generation, many of us in here this morning can look back to our parents, grandparents and even our […]

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