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Reaching Maximum Potential

Scripture: Acts 19:20-20
This lesson on Reaching Maximum Potential,  is being written on the first day of a new year. Its only predecessor is a long list of New Year’s Resolutions […]

Becoming Someone God Can Trust

Scripture: Acts 9:11-12
In this sermon Becoming Someone God Can Trust, sometimes we may be of minimal value and have little to offer. But, to God, we have eternal, unlimited worth, […]
Topics: Faith, Trust

The Encourager

Scripture: Acts 4:36-36
In this sermon The Encourager, fault-finding is not a spiritual gift. Locating problem areas in any relationship, team, family, ministry, and/or organization is not difficult. Solving these takes […]

Faith Brings Its Own Umbrella

Scripture: Acts 12:5-5
In this sermon Faith Brings Its Own Umbrella, true Bible faith is confident obedience to God’s Word in spite of circumstances and consequences. This faith operates quite simply. […]
Topics: Faith

God of this City - Lord of this Nation

Scripture: Acts 18:9-11
In this sermon God of this City – Lord of this Nation, we learn God still gives men a vision for a city, nation, or even multiple nations. We […]
Topics: Evangelism

The Prodigals are Coming Home!

Scripture: Acts 20:29-31
This Prodigals are coming home focuses on those that have heard the gospel, walked in truth, and walked away. Some slip, slide, or skid to the fringes of […]

The Human Touch For the Human Race

Scripture: Acts 1:1-8
In this sermon The Human Touch For the Human Race, A primary reason for the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to receive the power to be a […]
Topics: Evangelism

Why People Resist Change

Scripture: Acts 7:51-51
In this sermon Why People Resist Change, we repeatedly discover, in the Gospels and Acts the Pharisees resisted change. They refused to leave their traditions and the Pharisees […]

Vision: What is in the Blank?

Scripture: Acts 13:36-36
Cultures around the world have many differences. Languages vary. Ways of life and manner of dress change. However, every living person shares three similar elements. Each one has […]
Topics: Vision

Goals for Souls

Scripture: Acts 1:8-8
The Book of Acts begins with Jesus’ vision and final words for His disciples. The disciples went about accomplishing His vision one soul at a time (by taking […]
Topics: Soul Winning

Do You Understand?

Scripture: Acts 8:30-31
In this sermon Do You Understand, Satan’s desire is to keep people from understanding the Word of God. Satan “hath blinded the minds of them which believe not” […]

Using the Road Map

Scripture: Acts 17:11-12
In this sermon, Using the Road Map, The Word of God is a guide, a road map on the road of life. It has been given to us […]
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