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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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God's Infallible Word

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:15-15
In this sermon God’s Infallible Word, Because the Bible is the Word of God, we must obey its message. The sole authority of Scripture-its right and power to […]

Proverbs Ancient Wisdom

Scripture: Proverbs 9:1-18
In this sermon Proverbs Ancient Wisdom, we read through the scriptures and learn about growing in wisdom. A wise and just person does not resist learning new lessons […]

The Three Dimensions Of Fasting

Scripture: Colossians 3:5-5
In this lesson, we discuss The Three Dimensions of Fasting. The order in which these dimensions are discussed, does not depict their level of importance.  They are: The […]
Topics: Fasting

God's Chosen Fast

Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-14
In this lesson, we dive into God’s Chosen Fast. God reveals His chosen fast. He grants us understanding concerning His plan, His purpose, and His rewards of fasting. […]

Types Of Fasts

Scripture: Daniel 1:1-15
This lesson discusses the Types of Fasts. There are several different ways you can fast. Good nutrition is not a 20th century revelation that is sweeping America. This […]
Topics: Fasting

Wine In The New Testament

Scripture: Luke 7:33-34
In this lesson Wine In The New Testament, was the wine spoken of in the New Testament fermented or not? Is is right to use fermented wine for the […]
Topics: Bible History, Sin

The Call to Holiness

Scripture: Esther 2:2-15
In this sermon The Call to Holiness, The Bible calls followers of Christ to a life of holiness. It stresses the essentiality of holiness. Holiness is not an option: […]

Practical Holiness In Church History

Scripture: Esther 2:2-4
In this sermon Practical Holiness In Church History, Many view our holiness principles as narrow and even fanatical. Jesus taught that the Christian walk was narrow compared to […]
Topics: Holiness

Lucifer's Playground

Scripture: Isaiah 14:13-14
In this sermon Lucifer’s Playground, there are many reasons to avoid listening to worldly or secular music. We learn of four reasons and examples as to why we […]
Topics: Holiness, Satan, Sin

In The Name Of Jesus - People Of The Name,

Scripture: Acts 15:14-14
In the Old Testament God established a covenant with the nation of Israel.  If they would serve Him, He promised to establish them, make them a holy people, […]
Topics: The Godhead

The Significance Of God's Name

Scripture: Genesis 17:5-5
In Bible days, a name was usually chosen for its meaning. The Old Testament records many instances in which the name given to a child related to the […]
Topics: The Godhead

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