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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:8-8
In this lesson, The Eternal Blessing of The Great High Priest, the blessing remains valid throughout the NT dispensation. The great High Priest has ascended into heaven to […]

Judgmental - To Be or Not To Be - That is the Question!

Scripture: Acts 7:51-58
In this sermon Judgmental – To Be or Not To Be – That is the Question, What does it mean not to be judgmental?  There is nothing that […]

Compromise: Hell's Trojan Horse

Scripture: Revelation 2:12-17
In this sermon Compromise: Hell’s Trojan Horse, God’s people are to be a distinct people. The story of the Trojan Horse and the fall of Troy come to […]
Topics: Hell, Repentance

Five Laws of Relationships

Scripture: Romans 12:14-16
In this sermon Five Laws of Relationships, if you follow these principles, you will get along with people and you will have healthy relationships in your home, in […]

Our Trials: Five Keys for Victory

Scripture: James 1:2-4
The book of Job reminds us that trouble and trials are inevitable. In this sermon Our Trials: Five Keys for Victory, you must put your faith in God’s […]

Strokers and Sirens

In this sermon Strokers and Sirens, it becomes clear that God’s man is not “either, or” but a combination of both. The Apostle Paul is an excellent case […]

What Think Ye of Christ?

Scripture: John 1:15-15
The question, “What think ye of Christ?”, presents a dilemma to any thinking person. If Jesus Christ was not all that He claimed to be, He was the […]
Topics: The Godhead

The Neglected Law of Leadership

Scripture: Deuteronomy 17:14-1
In this lesson we learn about The Neglected Law of Leadership. Because God knows the end from the beginning,  He set the qualifications and responsibilities for a king. […]
Topics: Leadership

Looking Up Close At Achan's Sin

Scripture: Joshua 7:1-26
The Successive Steps of Achan’s Sin
Topics: Sin

3 Beatitudes for a Church Member

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 29:1-5
Topics: Stewardship

Attitude Is Everything

Scripture: Matthew 7:16-16
In this world, Attitude Is Everything. Maintaining a proper attitude is beyond the capability of the carnal mind. The only thing that can produce perspectives that are righteous, […]

An Unusual Organ

Scripture: James 1:26-26
In this lesson An Unusual Organ, we learn the Tongue is An Internal Organ Of Man That Has Access To The External & Eternal. We learn of examples […]

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