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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Hope of Christmas

Scripture: Luke 2:25-38
In this sermon The Hope of Christmas, Hope is the force, or drive that causes us to press on until we have obtained. It is easier to understand […]
Topics: Hope

The Joy of Christmas

Scripture: Luke 2:1-11
In this sermon The Joy of Christmas, The gospel is good tidings of great joy! God wants us to be happy! When we are guided to him, our […]

What To Do When Your Star Trek Ends With Nothing

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12
In this sermon What To Do When Your Star Trek Ends With Nothing, we learn the Wise Men do several things that we ought to emulate. Our conduct […]

After His Passion

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3
In this sermon After His Passion, The word “passion” is used only this one time in the entire Bible. It sums up Jesus’ being despised and rejected by […]

Thanksgiving Day

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 9:15-15
This Thanksgiving day sermon outline reminds us that gratitude is a condition of the heart and a lifestyle that we are called to live. The Bible says, “Be […]
Topics: Harvest

Why I Observe Christmas

Scripture: Romans 14:5-6
In this sermon Why I Observe Christmas, the Bible teaches generosity, hospitality, and compassion for others in need. Extravagant gifts are often noted in the Bible; such as […]

Christmas is for Children

Scripture: Matthew 2:18-18
In this sermon Christmas is for Children, Perhaps this idea received its start because the traditional Christmas story from the Bible focuses on Christ as a baby and […]

The Consequences of Backsliding

Scripture: Hosea 11:7-7
The Scriptures speak much about backsliding, because it is a very serious matter- with very severe consequences. A backslider is someone who once enjoyed the blessings and favor […]
Topics: Backsliding

How to Stay Saved in the Absence of Your Pastor

Scripture: Philippians 2:12-15
In this lesson, How to Stay Saved in the Absence of Your Pastor, we learn, As the children grow older, the parents feel okay about getting away. Even […]

Why Everyone Should Follow Jesus

Scripture: John 1:29-43
In this sermon Why Everyone Should Follow Jesus, We can confidently expect to see a great number of souls brought to God by the preaching of this simple […]
Topics: Prayer, Truth

The Spirit-Driven Church

Scripture: Mark 1:9-14
God has put something in us that is higher & more powerful than self. There is something which compels us, which commands us as servants of the Lord. […]
Topics: Revival

The Paradox Of Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:1-5
The Paradox Of Pentecost  shows us God’s perspective- heaven’s point of view.  As we look at the big picture, it may not look like much good is happening, […]
Topics: Revival

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