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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Don’t Get Comfortable In Your Captivity

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:10-14
In this sermon Don’t Get Comfortable In Your Captivity, remember that there is hope in your life. It’s hope that only comes through a power that isn’t of […]

Roll of Heaven

In this sermon: Roll of Heaven, we learn the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a myth. It’s not a fable, it’s not a storybook concept, […]

It's Sunday, Let’s Find Jesus - Who is Jesus Part 4

Scripture: John 20:1-8
In this sermon Let’s Find Jesus – Who is Jesus Part 4, Jesus lives in my life, and he can live in yours. Because it’s Sunday, we can […]

Do You Know Him

Scripture: Matthew 7:22-23
We have people saying, “let me study the standards of Crossroads New Life Tabernacle so I can be in the choir, be a musician, teach a Sunday School […]
Topics: The Church

What’s Your Level Of Expectation?

Scripture: Romans 8:9-9
In this sermon What’s Your Level Of Expectation, Our talk is affected by what we are. Our emotions are governed by our limited understanding. Our Spirits cry out […]
Topics: Hope

Jesus Is Your Savior

Scripture: Matthew 1:20-21
In this lesson, Jesus is Your Savior, we learn, that there are over 2 billion confessed Christians. They have proclaimed that I will follow Jesus Christ and live […]

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