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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Full Nets

Scripture: Luke 5:1-1
Our fast paced and ‘microwave’ society appears to have the same mentality to life in general that I have to fishing. Desire for instant gratification is the norm. […]
Topics: Soul Winning

The Honor Of The Standard Bearer

Scripture: Ephesians 6:12-12
In this sermon The Honor Of The Standard Bearer, As we look back in history, we see one of the most powerful armies that ever walked the globe, […]
Topics: Holiness

A Winning Testimony

Scripture: Matthew 8:4-4
In this sermon A Winning Testimony, The fact is that those who were around us ‘before Jesus’ know about our past sins and failures. It is not necessary […]

Two Sets of Thorns

Scripture: Genesis 3:17-19
In this sermon we learn  there are two sets of thorns. Most Christians accept His scourging for our healing, and crucifixion for our salvation, and never comprehend the […]

What Have They Heard About Your God?

Scripture: Joshua 2:11-11
God is God. He has no obligation to prove His power to anyone. Even at the door of torture and death Jesus refused to ‘put on a show’ […]

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