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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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God's House From Ephratah

Scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-5
In this sermon God’s House From Ephratah, we find  great truth to unfold, and cause your heart to overflow with joy. Truly God has given unto us, in […]

A Gospel Message Of Hope

Scripture: Matthew 26:28-28
In this sermon A Gospel Message Of Hope, The word of God is true whether the people believe it or not. God will bring Salvation near. Our God […]
Topics: Hope, The Gospel

The Woman And The Manchild

Scripture: Acts 7:38-38
In this lesson The Woman And The Manchild, What does all this commotion concerning the woman and the man-child mean? What does all this commotion concerning the woman […]

He that Overcometh

Scripture: Revelation 2:7-7
The promises of God are to those that overcome. To the entire period of the Church there are seven promises given to the overcomers.

The Resurrecting of the Dead

Scripture: John 12:24-24
Why halt between two opinions. If the word of God be true, why not obey it? The Day of redemption is near at hand. In this lesson The […]

Power To Save

Scripture: Job 14:1-2
In this sermon Power To Save, We are glad to know that there is power in Jesus Christ, and that there is a God in heaven that revealeth […]

The Mystery Of God

Scripture: Luke 10:22-22
Can it be said that Jesus is revealing the Father to those ungodly Moslems who lookupon his sacrificial death with unspeakable hatred ?
Topics: The Godhead

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