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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Scripture: Hosea 4:16-16
In this sermon, we will discuss what causes backsliding, the courses of backsliding, and the consequences of backsliding. If you are backslidden, come to Jesus today, and confess […]

Just Call On Jesus

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3-3
In this sermon Just Call On Jesus, God’s word to us is, set aside your pride and cry out to Me like the dependent creature you are. Admit […]
Topics: Prayer

The Hungry Soul!

Scripture: Psalms 107:8-9
In this sermon The Hungry Soul, Every man woman and child have a inner longing – there is a knowing in every soul that there is a God […]
Topics: Repentance, Sin

My Never Again List

Scripture: Matthew 8:8-8
In this sermon My Never Again List,  we will go through a list of twelve scriptures that speak the never again. A BOLD CHALLENGE TO “SPEAK THE WORD […]
Topics: Faith, God's Word

Adullam’s Cave

Scripture: 1 Samuel 22:1-5
In this sermon Adullam’s Cave,  we learn the Church is not just a meeting we attend. It’s not a club we join. It’s an army God is welding […]
Topics: Love, Oppression

The Enemy Within

Scripture: 2 Samuel 21:18-22
He is lurking outside your closet door, in the corners just outside the light from exposure from God’s word!

Heal the Child

Scripture: Matthew 18:3-3
In this sermon Heal the Child,  As we learn that everything that has happened to us is an opportunity to draw closer to him in the “fellowship of […]

Is There Any Word From the Lord?

Scripture: Jeremiah 37:17-17
In this sermon Is There Any Word From the Lord, we learn we’ve all come short of the glory. That is why we have to walk in repentance. The […]
Topics: God's Word

First Defeat The Lion

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:32-51
You’ll never defeat the giant, unless you first conquer the lion and bear

Biblical Principles for Strengthening the Family

Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:24-31
In this sermon Biblical Principles for Strengthening the Family, we learn how to handle conflict. Conflict can be constructive if you handle it properly. We also learn some […]
Topics: Family

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