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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Whose Opinion?

Scripture: Romans 3:1-4
In this sermon Whose Opinion, The kingdom of God will not mold itself around you.  You allow yourself to be molded to it. Every man presses into it […]


Scripture: Malachi 3:6-6
In this sermon, we learn things Change. People, styles, music, and methods change, but there are some things that NEVER will. Those things are the anchor for our […]

For All the Wrong Reasons

Scripture: Genesis 32:9-12
In this lesson For All the Wrong Reasons In the Book of Genesis, we read of the sons of Isaac, Jacob and Esau. Jacob’s name meant “deceiver”, and […]

Jesus – Or is There Another Name?

Scripture: Acts 3:1-8
This is a well-known story, and a notable miracle. This man was over 40 years old, and had been crippled from birth, yet here he was, walking and […]

Independent or Interdependent

Scripture: Romans 8:12-16
We have not received the spirit of bondage, but rather the Spirit of adoption. We are no longer slaves to sin, but instead we have been adopted into […]
Topics: The Church

How To Be Happy

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-8
If I was to do a survey here today, and ask you “What would make you happy?” I wonder what answers we would get. If I were to […]

Full of Grace and Truth

Scripture: John 1:9-14
In this lesson, Full of Grace and Truth, Jesus was the true light that came into the world. For those who would receive Him, He gave them power […]

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