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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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He That Overcometh: The Pride Of Life

Scripture: 1 John 2:15-17
There is only one person who can win the race….so run to win. In other words strive to be the best that you can be….that is good pride.
Topics: Pride

Where Are We Going?

Scripture: Hebrews 11:6-10
In this sermon Where Are We Going, When he was 88, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes found himself on a train. The conductor called for tickets, but […]

Whose Mind Is Stayed On Thee

Scripture: Isaiah 26:3-4
One of the most challenging things we face in life is sticking to a decision. Most of us know that when you make a decision, you have to […]
Topics: Vision

Anticipation Of The Word

Scripture: Mark 4:3-9
In this sermon Anticipation Of The Word,  we learn to bring our best to God and see what God will do.  What we have been doing is we […]

For A Very Little While

Scripture: Isaiah 10:24-27
In this sermon For A Very Little While, Isaiah is speaking a word from the Lord to the children of Israel. God had allowed Assyria to destroy Israel […]

The Importance Of Discipleship

Scripture: John 8:31-32
In this sermon The Importance Of Discipleship, it is very important that we understand what it means to be discipled. It isn’t until we have continued in the […]
Topics: Discipleship

Beware, Lest Thou Forget

Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:12-15
I want to speak to you this morning on this thought, “Beware, lest thou forget!”

The Importance Of Discipleship - Handout

This handout The Importance Of Discipleship, is used as a study guide on understanding what it means to be discipled. It isn’t until we have continued in the […]
Topics: Discipleship

Praying The Plan of God

Scripture: Luke 22:42-42
In this sermon Praying The Plan of God, we understand that we live in a world that is competing against God’s purpose. The world has another purpose…that is not […]

Recognizing The Enemy

Scripture: Isaiah 63:1-5
In this reading of scripture we see a man who is very angry. His anger has been suppressed for a long, long time.

Confused But Waiting

Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1-3
Habakkuk had been questioning God about the evil, the sin, and all of the injustice taking place in Judah at that time.

The Answer You Don't Expect

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-4
In this writing, Habakkuk asks God a hard question….the only way that I can describe it to you is by sharing a question that I have asked my […]

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