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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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A Childlike Faith

Scripture: Matthew 18:3-3
In this sermon A Childlike Faith, we learn to have faith like a child. Think of how your children approach you. They know that if they ask for […]
Topics: Faith

Palm Sunday

Scripture: Luke 19:28-31
The message of Palm Sunday is a message that everybody needs to hear. Most of us understand Palm Sunday to be the Sunday before Easter. The message of […]

There Is A King In You

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-5
In this sermon, We learn that we have been chosen. We have been called out as kings and priests.  The Bible says that you are of royal blood. […]

A Call To Unite In Prayer And Fasting

Scripture: Acts 2:1-1
In this lesson, we discuss the importance of, A Call to Unite in Prayer and Fasting. God is ready and waiting to give us a great outpouring of […]
Topics: Fasting, Prayer

Does Christ Accept You?

Scripture: Luke 14:25-33
In this lesson Does Christ Accept You, we are reminded of Judgment day. It is not about me accepting Jesus, but it is really about Jesus accepting me.


Scripture: Colossians 2:8-8
In this sermon Spoiled, if you really desire to be complete in Jesus, you must do what Paul instructed the Corinthians. Bring every thought and idea you have […]

God-Sized Prayers

Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-19
One of my favorite subjects growing up was Math. I loved Math! When I went on to High School, I enrolled in the most advanced level of Math […]
Topics: Prayer

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Scripture: Matthew 6:24-34
Baby boomers and their young rivals, the Generation Xers, have a lot more in common than conventional wisdom dictates, says Trends Journal. They feel betrayed by politics. They’re […]
Topics: Sin, Submission

A Clear Vision In A Confused World

Scripture: Daniel 1:8-8
In the year 605 BC, a young crown prince of the Babylonian Empire became commander and chief of the armies of Babylon…
Topics: Vision

When The Need Is Too Great

Scripture: Matthew 17:14-21
When The Need Is Too Great. In this story we find Jesus returning from His transfiguration. He had been on the mountain with Peter, James and John. Upon […]
Topics: Fasting

As Was Supposed

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-15
More and more in my witness I am running into people who have a generic approach to who Jesus is. Tonight, I feel like approaching this lesson a […]

Altar Workers Seminar

Scripture: Acts 2:37-37
We must be sensitive to the fact that the altar call is the most important part of the service.  Apostolics spend a lot of time at the altar […]
Topics: Prayer

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