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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Scripture: John 20:1-8
In this sermon You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, we learn of the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus really is God, then that needs […]
Topics: Crucifixion

Who Is Worthy To Worship?

Scripture: Revelation 5:7-14
This sermon Who Is Worthy To Worship teaches us He is the only one worthy of worship. The only ones truly worthy of worshipping Him are those who […]

Whatever Happened To Communication?

Scripture: Matthew 12:34-37
In this sermon Whatever Happened To Communication, If we are walking in the light that is Jesus Christ, then we should be having fellowship with one another. For […]

Loving the Unloveable

Scripture: John 13:34-35
In this sermon Loving the Unloveable, We have a responsibility to love each other. This is not a suggestion, or an optional extra, but it is a command. […]
Topics: Love

What You Don’t Have

Scripture: John 6:5-9
Each of one us is lacking in some way. None of us are yet perfect, and we all have weaknesses and problems. BUT we cannot be so focused […]

We All Need A Home

Scripture: Psalms 68:4-6
Everybody needs a home. A place where they are nurtured, they are loved, they are fed. A place of safety and rest, a place where you are accepted […]
Topics: The Church

Just Keep Walking

Scripture: Psalms 119:101-105
In this sermon Just Keep Walking, when you are walking, a lamp is very useful indeed. It illuminates all the areas you might stumble or fall. Not only […]

It Only Takes One

Scripture: Joshua 23:8-11
In this sermon It Only Takes One, when we decide to obey God and get involved, we will lead the way for others to follow. It also tells […]

Get Out of The Boat

Scripture: Matthew 14:24-31
In this sermon Get Out of The Boat, we learn It takes both faith and obedience to produce new action. You can have all the faith in the […]
Topics: Faith, Obedience

Your Greatest Enemy

Scripture: Mark 3:27-27
Jesus is able to overcome all things that come against us. He is bigger than any problem or situation, or any other thing. BUT He has chosen to […]

Forever Young

Scripture: Psalms 103:1-5
The Bible doesn’t look at youth the way the world does. Experience and wisdom are valued.

Expectation or Expectancy

Scripture: Mark 1:6-11
In this sermon Expectation or Expectancy, we learn we need expectancy in our Christian life. You could almost use the word “faith” as a synonym for expectancy. When […]
Topics: Faith

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