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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Thing Which I Do

Scripture: Genesis 18:17-19
In this sermon The Thing Which I Will Do, we read about Abraham and learn the thing God wants to do exceeds anything we can ever imagine. Is God […]

The Body Of Christ

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:10-13
In this sermon The Body Of Christ,  we are all part of a family, The family of God. This church has been joined together for a unique purpose […]
Topics: Community, Family, Love

Shut Up And March

Scripture: Exodus 14:1-4
In this sermon Shut Up And March, the Bible says that God knows the ending from the beginning. In fact, God had Israel’s escape planned out from the […]

Crowded Churches, Empty Altars

Scripture: Luke 14:27-28
In this sermon Crowded Churches, Empty Altars, Do you know that Jesus wants to pull you out of the crowd into the committed today? It will cost you […]

Contrary Or Authentic

Scripture: Leviticus 26:21-21
In this sermon Contrary Or Authentic, what bothers God about us is that sometimes we get so casual about Him that we think the door will always be […]
Topics: Communication

A Road Through Your Past That Leads To Your Future

Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19
In this lesson A Road Through Your Past That Leads To Your Future, Building roads is extremely expensive, and to top it off, there is no return on […]
Topics: Eternal Life

It Is Time To Awake Out Of Your Sleep

Scripture: Isaiah 52:1-3
In this sermon It Is Time To Awake Out Of Your Sleep, we learn there can be no true deliverance from the binding chain of sin until we […]

Where Will You Go When Your god Is Buried?

Scripture: Genesis 35:1-4
In this sermon Where Will You Go When Your god Is Buried, we were created to be in relationship with God. The bible says we were created by […]

Team Players

Scripture: Acts 8:1-4
In this sermon: Team Players, they say sharks are one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world. Catching a small shark and confining it, it will […]

The Making Of A Masterpiece

Scripture: Mark 8:36-37
Through the blood of Christ you are made perfect and you are well pleasing in His sight.

Introducing Jesus

Scripture: Luke 3:23-23
As Jesus grew up in the house of Joseph, people supposed, or concluded that Jesus was Joseph’s son.

If It Is Possible

Scripture: Matthew 24:23-26
In this sermon: If It Is Possible, we learn there are false Christ’s, false prophets, false teachers and false preachers. They will try their hardest to deceive you. […]

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