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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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Communion Service 2

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-17
In this Communion Service 2, picking up the bread, and cup of juice, is supposed to remind us of Jesus. The bread is to remind us of how He […]
Topics: Communion

Five Principles for Spiritual Victory

Scripture: Joshua 5:13-21
Many of the present generation may not remember that Sergeant Alvin York was the most famous soldier of World War I. Neither do they realize that Alvin C. […]

3 Principles Of Successful Christain Living

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:15-15
In this lesson we discuss the 3 Principles of Successful Christian Living. I want to challenge you to reach for this higher standard of Christian living.  Most are […]


Scripture: Isaiah 54:1-1
 The Lord wants His Church to be a people who have great expectation despite negative circumstances. Jesus has provided all we need in this hour to be triumphant. […]
Topics: Revival

Focus On The Future

Scripture: Romans 15:14-21
In this sermon Focus On The Future, at times it seems as if our lives are spinning out of control. We live in a very busy world! Sometimes […]

Communion Service

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-30
In this sermon Communion Service, we understand the Doctrine of Communion. We will then understand the significance and special nature of this sacred event. The best way; however, […]
Topics: Communion

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