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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Cry of the Stones

Scripture: Luke 19:37-40
In this sermon The Cry of the Stones, If you need salvation, healing, the Holy Spirit, just lift up your hands to God, and begin to worship Him. […]

The Call to Decision

Scripture: Jeremiah 21:8-8
In this sermon The Call to Decision, I am asking you today to make the greatest decision in your life. I am calling you to make a decision […]

The Backside of the Desert

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-1
In this sermon The Backside of the Desert, God wants you today. He wants to draw you to a desert place in Him. You will never be the […]
Topics: Communion

The Anointing and the Name

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:45-45
We are in a spiritual battle today. There is no giant we cannot defeat if we have the anointing and the Name.

The Acceptable Year of the Lord

Scripture: Luke 4:18-19
In this sermon: The Acceptable Year of the Lord, Jesus did not finish the verse of Scripture given to Him to read.  He stopped in the middle of […]

Taming the Untamed

Scripture: Mark 5:1-4
In this sermon Taming the Untamed, A good Holy Ghost revival throughout our land will cleanse    the untamed. A good Holy Ghost revival will empty our jail, and […]
Topics: Miracles

Spiritual Combat Weapons

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 10:4-4
There is a war going on.  Not a war among the nations, but a spiritual war.  God against Satan, and good against evil. Whether we want to or […]

God’s Roadblock to Hell

Scripture: John 3:16-16
In this sermon God’s Roadblock to Hell, It would take a sure fool to run past a roadblock and die in a crash of flames. Yet, people are […]
Topics: Hell, Sin, The Cross

One More River to Cross

Scripture: Joshua 3:17-17
In this sermon One More River to Cross, Child of God, set your house in order, it’s moving time, it’s time; we are going home. There is one […]

One More River to Cross

Scripture: Joshua 3:17-17
Listen, saint of God, you may be walking today in the wilderness of this world, but God’s promises are true. Hold on to the promise.

No Time for God

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9:11-11
In this sermon No Time for God, Some people are so busy and caught up in time with the things of this world, they don’t have time for […]

Miracle River

Scripture: Ezekiel 47:9-9
In this sermon, Miracle River, we learn when Christ comes in the clouds of glory at the Battle of Armageddon, He will plant His feet on the Mt. […]

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