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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The Glory of Gethsemane

Scripture: Matthew 26:36-36
In this sermon The Glory of Gethsemane, We need a garden experience today. Not an experience of picking roses, or smelling lilies, but an experience of submitting our […]

The Glory Beyond the Cross

Scripture: Luke 23:26-26
Friend, let me say today, the cross of Jesus Christ can change your life. Jesus said, “We must take up our cross daily and follow after Him.

The Call to Decision

Scripture: Jeremiah 21:8-8
In this sermon The Call to Decision, I am asking you today to make the greatest decision in your life. I am calling you to make a decision […]

Midnight Gamblers

Scripture: Matthew 27:35-36
In this lesson Midnight Gamblers, we grasp that some gamble away their opportunity to be saved. Some go to church, in the very presence of God, hear one […]
Topics: Choices, Salvation

Miracle River

Scripture: Ezekiel 47:9-9
In this sermon, Miracle River, we learn when Christ comes in the clouds of glory at the Battle of Armageddon, He will plant His feet on the Mt. […]

No Time for God

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9:11-11
In this sermon No Time for God, Some people are so busy and caught up in time with the things of this world, they don’t have time for […]

One More River to Cross

Scripture: Joshua 3:17-17
Listen, saint of God, you may be walking today in the wilderness of this world, but God’s promises are true. Hold on to the promise.

One More River to Cross

Scripture: Joshua 3:17-17
In this sermon One More River to Cross, Child of God, set your house in order, it’s moving time, it’s time; we are going home. There is one […]

God’s Roadblock to Hell

Scripture: John 3:16-16
In this sermon God’s Roadblock to Hell, It would take a sure fool to run past a roadblock and die in a crash of flames. Yet, people are […]
Topics: Hell, Sin, The Cross

Spiritual Combat Weapons

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 10:4-4
There is a war going on.  Not a war among the nations, but a spiritual war.  God against Satan, and good against evil. Whether we want to or […]

Taming the Untamed

Scripture: Mark 5:1-4
In this sermon Taming the Untamed, A good Holy Ghost revival throughout our land will cleanse    the untamed. A good Holy Ghost revival will empty our jail, and […]
Topics: Miracles

The Acceptable Year of the Lord

Scripture: Luke 4:18-19
In this sermon: The Acceptable Year of the Lord, Jesus did not finish the verse of Scripture given to Him to read.  He stopped in the middle of […]

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