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Bring Jesus Home With You

Scripture: Mark 9:35-42
In this sermon Bring Jesus Home With You, babies come into the world with no instructions. You pretty much have to assemble them on your own.  They are […]
Topics: Family, Love, Parenting

Don’t Nail Me Down

Scripture: Mark 8:34-34
In this sermon Don’t Nail Me Down, we learn if you have a cross attached to your life, possessions cannot stand between you and the Lord. Worldly activities […]

Let's Change The Rules

Scripture: Romans 7:18-25
In this sermon Let’s Change The Rules, What rules control you? We establish a rule changing committee. We need to meet and discuss some changes. There is a […]
Topics: Miracles, Prayer, Truth


Scripture: Luke 14:16-24
The cry of “it’s supper time” is one we all cherish to hear. No one in their right mind wants to miss supper time. It does not matter […]
Topics: Prayer

His Voice

Scripture: Matthew 17:1-5
In this sermon His Voice, words have a way of affecting us. Words can hurt or enliven. They can either bind or release you. Words can strengthen or […]

Fragile Handle With Care - Baby Dedication

Scripture: Matthew 18:1-6
Jesus told them that if they could not bring themselves to become like a child, then they would not qualify for heaven.

No Rain, No Rainbow

Scripture: Genesis 9:12-14
The rainbow has always been a source relating to the divine promises of God’s glory and power.

Our Orders Remain Unchanged

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20
In this sermon Our Orders Remain Unchanged, we learn freedom is not free.   Peace is not cheap.  Liberty is derived at a great price.  Someone before you gave […]
Topics: Freedom, Victory

Will You Dance Or Will You Die?

Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:13-16
David had to deal with the criticism in almost every chapter of the Bible that he is spoken of, yet he managed every reproach with cool calm.

It's Time To Write A New Song

Scripture: Psalms 40:1-3
A Christian should be continually composing new songs of praise around the fresh mercies of God.

Things I Fear the Most

Scripture: Acts 5:11-11
In this lesson, Things I Fear the Most, we are subject to things we see and hear that cause us to have periods of fear in our lives. […]

Another Night With The Frogs

Scripture: Exodus 8:5-5
In this sermon, Another Night With the Frogs, we will cover our choices and decisions by looking back at the choices the pharaoh made, and what some of […]

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