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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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The God That Answers By Fire, Let Him Be God!

Scripture: 1 Kings 18:17-41
In this sermon The God That Answers By Fire, Let Him Be God, Here is a God who answers by fire. Nothing is impossible for Him. He rules […]
Topics: Deliverance


Scripture: Colossians 2:4-12
This sermon Beware, deals with the terrible danger of being spiritually deceived. We live in an age that is well supplied with impersonators, pitch men and con artists. […]

The Big Mystery

Scripture: Revelation 1:11-18
Here is a great study on salvation. It is a mystery to them who are blind.
Topics: Salvation

A Moment Of Desperation

Scripture: Luke 8:43-48
In this sermon A Moment Of Desperation, Many people press against Him, But few really touch Him. Jesus is pressed with people. He’s on his way to a […]
Topics: Miracles

Don't Lie To The Holy Ghost

Scripture: Matthew 21:23-23
In this sermon Don’t Lie To The Holy Ghost, We try so hard to hide from God what is very apparent to Him. In so doing we lie […]

The Fiery Furnace

Scripture: Daniel 3:1-30
In this sermon The Fiery Furnace, so many times we find ourselves in the furnace saying it can’t get any worse. It can’t get any more painful. It can’t […]

Don't Let Go!

Scripture: John 13:21-27
Satan can’t have free reign in your family unless you stop praying for it.

How To Respond To A Really Bad Day

Scripture: Job 1:1-22
In this sermon How To Respond To A Really Bad Day, we read about Job and how much Satan took from him.  What he could not take from […]

I've Fallen And I Can Get Up!

Scripture: 2 Samuel 12:9-23
In this sermon, I’ve Fallen And I Can Get Up, we learn that we don’t have time to worry about the past. There are people all around us […]

It's Friday, But Sundays Coming

Scripture: John 19:10-18
In this sermon It’s Friday, But Sundays Coming, It’s always the plan of the devil to destroy.  People think they can flirt with the devil. But you cannot win […]

If You Were to Die Today

Scripture: Hebrews 1:8-10
In this lesson, If You Were to Die Today,  do you know where you would spend eternity? I believe eternity began the day we were born into this […]
Topics: Heaven, Hell

In The Presence Of The King

Scripture: Psalms 100:2-2
In this sermon In The Presence Of The King, How do you come before our King? You come before Him boldly, repenting and with a praise. There are […]

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