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Sermon Outlines

Sermon Outlines

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After Thought Authority

Scripture: Proverbs 21:2-2
Life is too consequential not to be thoughtful and deliberate about it. We ought to carefully settle on our convictions and then fit our lives to those convictions.
Topics: The Church, Truth


Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-17
In this sermon Ambassadors, the Bible refers to those who make up the Kingdom of God. Ambassadors, bride, children, conquerors, disciples, friends, servants, but for tonight’s purpose let’s […]

Our Apostolic Doctrine

Scripture: Ephesians 2:12-20
In this sermon Our Apostolic Doctrine, it is a must that we as Apostolic’s know who Jesus is. Jesus- the name above every name. Jesus is the revealed […]

What The Bible Teaches About Tithing

Scripture: Numbers 18:20-32
In this sermon What The Bible Teaches About Tithing, we learn tithing is an expression of gratitude. One who does not are not grateful, don’t feel obligated to […]

Half Full or Half Empty, It’s Still Only Half

Scripture: Ephesians 3:19-19
In this sermon Half Full or Half Empty, It’s Still Only Half, the earth which God created, was filled with darkness until He spoke. He brought about the […]
Topics: Creation

Help For Today’s Conflicting Relationships

Scripture: Romans 12:18-21
In this sermon Help For Today’s Conflicting Relationships, It is not a question whether or not conflict will come. It’s a question of how are we going to […]
Topics: Conflict, Family

A Walk in the "Woulds"

Scripture: Psalms 22:8-8
In this lesson,  A Walk in the Woulds, There are so many people in our world that purposefully ignore or run from truth. They think if they ignore […]

It's Just Like Jesus

Scripture: John 20:30-25
All people have characteristics about them and when you hear that they said something or did something you say “Boy I can just hear them saying that or doing […]

The Key to Everlasting life

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16-17
The Bible is the only accurate means by which we can know God’s plan of salvation. It is the Key to Everlasting life. In this lesson, will refer […]
Topics: Baptism

The Power Of Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 1:8-8
The power of Pentecost was not just to work miracles. One of the last things Jesus said before He ascended back to heaven was, “but you shall receive […]
Topics: Pentecost

Master of the Universe, Lord of the Lilies

Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-31
We need to remember in times of discouragement, that our Great God who is Master of the Universe is also the Lord of the Lillies.

This Incredible Pentecost

Scripture: Acts 2:2-38
In this sermon This Incredible Pentecost, the purpose of the birth, the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ was so that the world might have […]

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