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Christmas Without Snow

Scripture: John 4:10-10
Living the Christian life without the Gift of the Holy Spirit is like Christmas without snow.   The gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift that God […]

The Problem With Santa Claus

Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-10
In this sermon The Problem With Santa Claus, the whole idea behind Santa is that you must be good in order to receive presents. Too many Christians have […]

We Have Seen His Star

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:19-19
In this sermon We Have Seen His Star, we learn God used the stars as guides for direction. It’s not surprising to discover that the wise men followed […]

Coming Home

In this sermon Coming home, the saying goes like this; home is where the heart is! Why not this Christmas remind yourself what it is really all about. […]

He's More Than A Child

Scripture: Luke 2:10-12
In this sermon He’s More Than A Child, A lot of people might think in their mind that he is still a little child over there in Bethlehem […]

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-1
In this sermon Happy Birthday Jesus, Generally, when someone’s birthday is celebrated, they are honored and gifted presents. On this day, we say we are celebrating the birth […]

God in the Manger

Scripture: Philippians 2:5-6
In this sermon God in the Manger, we remember the true classic story of God’s birth. It contains all the right ingredients: love, joy, peace, celebration, salvation, reconciliation, […]

The Difference Between Santa And Jesus

Scripture: Luke 2:1-14
In  this sermon The Difference Between Santa And Jesus, both Jesus and Santa have a story which reveals who they are and what they stand for. When you compare […]

Three Questions for Christmas

Scripture: Revelation 1:5-5
In this sermon Three Questions for Christmas, we learn of three phrases that help us understand the identity of the baby born in Bethlehem. Each one answers a […]


Scripture: John 1:1-14
In this sermon Christmas, we learn out of all those births in human history, only one was born to save the world from sin and death through God’s […]

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2
In this sermon Wise Men Still Seek Him, we need to ask ourselves what we are truly seeking after is. Are we looking for a special gift under […]

The Manger

Scripture: Luke 2:7-16
In this lesson, we direct our attention to The Manger.   A manger is a  box or trough that was found in the stable that night was an item […]
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