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Money Matters – Christian Expectations

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Too often people are afraid to budget because it seems to be more trouble than it is worth.  However, a budget is not a nervous breakdown on paper.  It is an organized and systematic manner of controlling income and expenses so a person can recognize danger areas in their financial life before they happen.

Too many Christians find themselves in financial hardship.  Why?  We belong to the body of Christ and we have God on our side.  If heaven is his throne, the earth his footstool; if He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, then why are his children struggling and finding it difficult to “get by” in this affluent society?

The secret to getting ahead is not from “have luck in the stock market” or “making that once in a life time investment” or even in “receiving an inheritance from a wealthy family member”.  It is defined as time!

All the investments and inheritances one can attain will not be the solution if you don’t take the time to plan and protect.  People must take the time to discipline themselves to have a written plan that will provide the guidelines of scheduling money in and out of the home, thus providing a means of protection from financial disaster.

A Christian should expect their finances to be in better shape than that of the average person in the world.  Christians have the backing of the God of glory and His Word!  One of the first things a Christian should do is take the time to investigate the scriptures concerning their financial situation.  Notice some scriptures that give us guidelines for planning, preparation, and protection of finances.

Through Jesus Christ, we are delivered from the powers of darkness and have been set up in the kingdom of light.  We are citizens of another world, God’s Kingdom, and have become joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  (Eph. 2:19)

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us…that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles through Christ Jesus.  (Gal. 3:13-14, NKJV)

As Children of God we have been released from the curse that is upon this world of darkness and have been given a divine insight into the world of God’s children.  Because of this, we have a spiritual guidance that cannot be found outside the realm of the spirit.  We are positioned, as Children of God, to enjoy the full benefits of the Word of God, which included God’s economics. 

The Word of God will also provide the Christian with a shield from uncertainties and un-reliability of this world’s economics.  Christians should enjoy financial freedom.  We have God on our side and in our corner.  The problem is we don’t take the time to investigate the scriptures to find the direction we need to implement wise and spiritual guidelines that assist in this vital area.

The Bible gives us many guidelines, that , if we would use them, would save us from heartache and pain…even financially.  Pick up that Bible and use it.  Study it.  Follow it.  God is concerned with how you live in this life.  God expects you to, you need to expect it to work.

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Aubrey L. Jayroe is an Accredited Tax Advisor; Accredited Tax Preparer; Licensed to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service; Certified Tax Return Preparer

For 40 years, Jayroe & Company has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to churches, local individuals and businesses. Jayroe & Company’s expertise ranges from basic tax management and recordkeeping services to more in-depth services such as reviews, financial statements, and financial planning.


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