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Money Matters – Is Money A Blessing Or Curse?

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Why is it that so many Christians who are working are not doing well financially?  Unfortunately too many Christians are not equipped with the scriptures and methods required to better manage their money.  God has redeemed man from the curse of the law to give him liberty in all things.  This includes money. 

A person who calls himself a Christian must adhere to the scriptures in order to better prepare himself.  Christians should not worry about money.  They should not fret about their finances.  But they should rely on the blessing of God to provide for them everything they need.

In the Chronicles, the young king Amaziah was entrusted with the army of Judah.  He numbered them and prepared them for battle.  However, with only three hundred thousand men ready for battle, the king felt that he needed more soldiers.  So he contacted with Israel for one hundred thousand more men and paid one hundred talents of silver for their services.

The man of God came to King Amaziah and said that God did not want him to use the soldiers of Israel and if the king did so, God would not be with him.  It was obvious what had to be done, however, the King questioned the man of God. “What then shall I do with the hundred talents of silver that has been paid for the service of Israel’s army.”  The man of God replied, “God is able to give you much more than this!”

God is able…fully capable…ready and willing to give you much more if you will only learn to maintain his economic plan and manage what you have.  You can have the blessings of God on you life by obedience.

Someone said, “money is not everything”, which may be true.  But it sure is good to have some when you need it.  A mother once told her daughter, “Don’t just look for a man with money when you get ready to marry.  Money won’t bring you happiness.”  Then after thinking about it for a moment, she further said, “However, Neither will the lack of it bring happiness.”  So true in both regards.

While this world is so designed to require money, we need to learn how to keep and protect what we have been given.  Money requires management.  And God has made us managers of all his gifts and benefits to us.  We must learn to better manage what we have if we expect to have more.

A person can have plenty of money and still be in financial difficulty.  Money is one of those commodities that will not take care of itself…it requires the hands-on management of people.

Some Christians refuse to talk about money, however, the New Testament is filled with examples and scriptures regarding the use and management of money.  In the Gospels, for example, Jesus tells a parable about money entrusted into people’s care.  This parable discussed the expectation that money is to be managed profitably.  (See Matthew 25:14-30).

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