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Leadership’s Limitations

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In this unpredictable and changing world, the one thing we can always control is the way we think. While we have little control over circumstances or the actions of others, we can control our reactions to them. And anyone can learn how to think more positively and operate with a better attitude, regardless of circumstances, temperament, or intellect. To begin thinking more positively and leading your people to do the same, follow these guidelines:

Act like the person you wish to become.

To start thinking positively, begin by acting positively. Most of us wait until we feel like taking action, but that’s going about it backwards. Instead, by putting our desires into action, we can establish a habit of thinking positively – and this results in a positive attitude.

Cultivate a Consistent Positive Attitude.

To reap a successful harvest, a farmer doesn’t plant seeds and then just expect them to grow on their own. He must continually water, weed, fertilize and nurture the growing plants if he wants them to reach maturity. Likewise, if we want a successful life, we need to spend time everyday nurturing our attitude. Focus on the positive and successful. Don’t feed the weeds.

Look for the Best in Everyone.

Have you noticed that whenever you buy a new car, you suddenly see others of that same model everywhere? I’m sure you’ve figured out that those other cars were there all along, you just weren’t looking for them before. When we consciously look for the best in people, their good traits can have a positive impact on our life and leadership.

As leaders, we tend to take attitude for granted. We assume that we’re stuck with the attitude that we have. Yet your outlook on life, as well as that of your people, can be changed.



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