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Just Don't Quit! -

Just Don’t Quit!

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The story goes like this…

The guy wakes up on Sunday morning and say’s, “I’m not going to church today!” “Why not?” The good wife asks. “I just don’t feel like it and besides, I’m not sure everyone there likes me. In fact, I’m sure that Sister Jones outright hates me!” The man retorts. “Well you have to go.” Responds his wife. “Why’s that?” He asks. “Because”, she says, “You’re the Pastor!”

Ever been there? Don’t answer that. I can’t find much scripture on this, but I honestly feel a spirit of Defeat attack me at least one day out of the week. This little guy must keep a tight schedule, since he always comes on the exact same day. Hardly ever does he come around on an off day. It’s always the same day, Monday!

You may not understand this unless you’ve Pastored or been in ministry for a while. I’ve heard other ministers say this Imp who I will call Defeat, attacks them on Mondays too. So I suppose I am not alone on this one.

I’m not much of a quitter. Quitting is just not in me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too stubborn to quit, or too stupid to realize it’s time to quit. Like old Shammah. Defending a field of lintels against a whole troop of Philistines. Just him and an dead donkey’s jawbone.

Was that guy tough or just not smart enough to get out of the way? We’ve preached him tough, but I really worry for the man. He didn’t have much to work with there. Why didn’t he just fall back (quit) and regroup? You know, get some help. I believe I have the answer…He was neither stubborn or dumb. He knew his purpose!

I would say, each week I get hit with the thought to just quit. But I can’t! Not because I don’t know how. Not because I’m too tough. Not because I’m too dumb to know when to come in from the rain. But because I know who I am!  I know what I am! I know why I am!

Most importantly, I know where I am. And where I am is right in the middle of God’s will.

Why was little David not afraid to be in a battle field with a Giant? He knew his God had a purpose for him being there. He knew that if God wanted him to be there, then God wouldn’t let anything happen to him, that would hurt him. And if it did hurt him or even kill him, that was OK too, because that was God’s will.

There is a peace in knowing you are in God’s will. In fact there is a joy in knowing you are doing what God wants you to do. Others will mock you for staying where you are. They will question your mental capacity. I’ve actually been asked, “Are you crazy?”.

Is it easy being who I am? Is it fun doing what I do? Do I enjoy the setbacks and disappointments of ministry? Am I a glutton for punishment? No, No, No. There is however, a rest that comes with standing with God. Shammah understood this. David understood this. I am learning this.

I refuse to quit! I refuse to allow my mind to cause me to walk away from where God wants me to be.

Whether you are leading a very large group of people or a very small group, I’m sure you can relate here. Sometimes the pressure of it all is overwhelming. But do not quit! Do not give in. Do not cave in. Stay where God wants you. Be who God wants you to be. Find the rest in knowing you are in His will.



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