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Invitation to Visioneering Webinar -

Invitation to Visioneering Webinar

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As a leader do you know what your vision is? Do you know how to articulate it? Is it written down? Does everyone else understand it clearly? Does everyone in your organization share the same vision? Does everyone know exactly what their actions are to be in order to bring the vision to pass?

If your answer is “no” then you are no different than the majority of leaders who are struggling to focus their organization toward a common destination and purpose.

Hello, I am Dr. Fred Childs and I want to invite you to participate in your solution. I personally invite you to our next webinar to be held at 12 noon CST on Tuesday, August 9. I will be teaching on Visioneering: How to Craft and Implement a Shared Vision.

I have worked with several hundred organizations, from Fortune 200 companies to churches in facilitating the development of a clear and distinct corporate vision. The power behind it is it includes key components of the vision of the people and their buy-in which makes it a shared vision.

This webinar will be limited to the first 300 people that enroll. Our Premium members at ChurchMentor get first priority, and I encourage you to log onto today and become a Premium member. This gives you full access to every benefit of the mentoring website for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

This webinar:

1. Will give you an overview of the vision development process

2. We detail how to obtain buy-in and commitment from everyone in the organization

3. Describe tools for facilitating a Visioneering event

4. Allow you an opportunity to email us questions about Visioneering and you will receive an answer personally from me

5. Will be followed by one month of curriculum, articles, tools, podcasts, and blogs to assist you in building your war chest for successful Visioneering (Premium members only)

6. MP3 download of the webinar will be made available on the website following the webinar (for Premium members only)

7. And more!

Register today at to secure your spot in the webinar.

Benefits of the webinar and the following series of information (for Premium members only) include:

1. Eliminating the frustration of trying to lead where no one else seems willing to follow

2. Having in hand the exact tools and process needed for vision development

3. Undertanding the clear and concise pathway to the future

4. The know-how to involve 100% of your organization toward reaching the shared vision

5. Understanding of what to do and what not to do as a leader in order to make things happen

No longer do you need to be unclear as to your direction for the future. Never again be unsure about what to do next as the leader. End the futile cycle of tired programs and annual slogans that seem to lead in the same frustrating circles again and again.

My Visioneering method is the best in the Christian realm. As a mentor I am willing to pass it forward. I count it my honor to invite you to this important webinar event on Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

See you on the 9th,

Dr. Fred Childs


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