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Bi-Vocational Pastor Inspiration - If You Chase Two Rabbits |

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If You Chase Two Rabbits

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“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” I found this old Russian proverb in the early pages of a recent book written by Gary Keller.  The title of this book, “The One Thing” jumped out at me above all the other titles on the shelf.  This concept of One Thing is totally foreign most busy Pastors.  I’ve always thought myself quite adept at doing several things at one time.  I have done it all my life.  This was learned early in my working career. I find it especially true as a bi-vocational Pastor and for most Church Leadership.

As a teenager, my first job was at McDonald’s. The training manager told me, “You will learn and take with you from this job is the ability to do many things at once.” It was not long before I learned first hand what he was talking about.  Since that day to this, I can rarely remember doing only one thing at a time.

There is in me a drive that feels like I am not being productive unless I am accomplishing several things at once.  Rarely do I ever do “One Thing”.  According to Keller’s book, doing more than One Thing is usually not always productive or profitable. This book has some incredible insight as to how to stay on track and build momentum towards your goals.  However, for the bi-vocational Pastors as well as most other busy Pastors and Church Leadership, doing more than one thing at a time is a way of life that we are unable to change.

Many Pastors and Church Leadership  have families and ministries as well as secular jobs or businesses.  This creates a constant pulling in varied directions which leaves us feeling exhausted and confused. We even feel guilty that we are unable to accomplish all that we want to do in any of these areas.  We endlessly wrestle with our time constraints as well as our energy levels. 

It would be very nice to do only One Thing Mr. Keller. However, for the average preacher and church leader out there, this prospect of staying focused, is probably going to be a challenge for us beyond the pages of your book.

The Apostle Paul was a man who understood what it meant to have a secular job as well as a ministry.  Paul worked with his hands to provide the living that ministry was unable to provide him at times.   God will always bless a working pastor’s willingness to labor secularly in order to afford the work of ministry.

One should never feel depreciated for being a bi-vocational pastor.  You may not have time as other pastors do to be at all the conferences and minister’s meetings. That’s ok.  Those days will come.  Know in your heart that God has confidence in you. He has chosen you for the specific work you are doing right now.

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