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If It's Frustrating You, It's Definitely Frustrating the Church -

If It’s Frustrating You, It’s Definitely Frustrating the Church

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What are we talking about?  The loss of ministry momentum.  When the church starts and a pastor promotes a new ministry in the church, everyone gets excited.  That excitement is the fuel that this ministry is going to need to get started and for success to quickly begin to happen.  The labor and energy that goes into promoting new ministries within the church is great.  The planning aspect alone often takes many, many hours of several people working together to cause this new ministry to be possible.  However, once it starts, if constant encouragement and direction is not given, it could very possibly begin to lose its momentum within just a very short amount of time. 

Simply placing somebody over a ministry is not enough.  You have to work with that person, train them, encourage them, and let them know exactly what it is you hope to see accomplished in this new ministry.  This mentoring of the new leader is absolutely necessary if you want this new ministry to succeed.  However, oftentimes our own schedules don’t allow us to properly train and equip the people that we placed over various ministries within the church.  When this happens, the new ministry begins to lose momentum.  Do your leaders consistently lose the encouragement that they need?  Do they have questions that are not being answered?  Do they lack the training and direction that they need, or are they too are simply losing interest?

It’s  sad when momentum is lost in any given ministry of the church.  There’s no good reason in the world why any ministry of God’s church should not prosper and become contagious.  Ministry should be exciting.  Working for God should be fun.  One should never have to worry about and wonder if God is involved in their ministry or not. 

If the ministry that you’re involved in is losing its momentum, there is good news for you.  It doesn’t have to lose its momentum or fail.  This ministry does not have to become a statistic of failure in your church.  It absolutely can succeed and create great growth within your church.

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