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I struggle to stay fed with the Word

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Here is an email that we received recently.  Thank you Pastor Thompson for this kind recommendation. 

I preach every Sunday, but it had been a long time since someone had preached to me personally.   I work a job aside from pastoring and I seldom have the opportunity to go to conferences and other ministers meetings.  So, I  struggle to stay fed with the Word for myself.

About 2 years ago, friend who also pastors told me about your site,  Thank you so much for this tremendous blessing.  Joining has been an amazing blessing to my ministry.  I’m able to listen to powerful preaching constantly now.  I download the MP3’s onto my phone and listen to them in my car, in my office and while I exercise.  Recently I had a 6-hour flight and was able to listen to several great preachers throughout the entire flight.  I felt like I was in church during the whole trip.

I can’t say enough about good  I love it!  Thank you for this tool that has made it so easy for me to listen to other preachers.  I feel God talking to my life and ministry in a way that has been missing for a long time.

Pastor Jonathan Thompson – Believers Church

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