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How to Get Moving When You’re Running Out Of Gas

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Have you ever run out of gas? At one moment your car is cruising down the highway, and the next it’s sputtering to a stop. You get out and start pushing it to the nearest gas station, but as soon as you stop pushing, the car quickly comes to a halt. Without gas, a car can’t do much of anything.

The same is true with a person and motivation. Without motivation, it’s just hard to get going. On the other hand, when you’re empowered by motivation, no task is too difficult. Having motivation is like putting gas in your tank. It’s what keeps you on the road. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, here are several suggestions to help get going:

Add Up The Rewards Of BeginningWhen you have trouble getting started, remember the benefits of beginning. Remind yourself that the finished product will bring you satisfaction. And keep in mind that the highest reward for our effort is not what we “get for it”, but what we become “because of it.” If that’s not incentive enough, consider the negative things that could happen if you don’t begin. Often, those negative costs only increase the longer you wait.

Generate a Sense of UrgencyOnce you’ve convinced yourself that you should begin, the next obstacle is actually getting started. At this point, procrastination can kick in. To combat it, instead of choosing the last possible moment to get started, look at your project in a different way. Ask yourself, “When is the earliest I can do this?” If you want to make something look different, keep putting it off.


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