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Grow Your Church With Social Media

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When using a church website or social media platform there are a few things that you have to do right and you have to do them consistently. Building a positive and inviting online and social media presence is not impossible.  

Here are a few things to consider when building yours:

  1. Identify your message and use that to promote your church. Say
  2. Be genuine to who you are. Don’t try to be the BIG church down the street. They didn’t start big, they built what they had. Post about what you’ve got!
  3. Make sure your social pages are 80% inspirational and 20% informative. Give your people something to share.
  4. Post consistently, figure out what schedule works best for you and stay at it.
  5. Picture catches, scripture latches. Let the image speak for itself without text & attaching an inspirational scripture in the text section. Not every church has a creative person on their team yet, so let the pic do the talking.
  6. Not everything you post is AMAZING, so don’t say they are. Keep the awesome things awesome and the normal, well, normal. If everything you post is “AWESOME” then nothing will be. Try not to over pump your church about a mid-week bible study.
  7. STORIES REIGN SUPREME. Find stories of life change in your church and post those on a monthly basis if possible. People are looking for hope, let them know that they can find it at your church.
  8. Let the world be the world, let the church be the church. In your church, you have many people with many different political views. One of the quickest ways to kill your presence online is to pick sides… (not to mention getting your 501c3 taken away).
  9. Engage your audience. As soon as someone engages your page make sure to reply or comment as quickly as possible. Let them know you’re not just there to receive but to build relationships.
  10. Post pictures of your church family. Show them the smiles and the hugs. Let your community see the love and relationships that are being built at your church. You wouldn’t believe how much community this will build.