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Signs Still Follow True Believers

An alarming trend in the 21st Century church is the accepted absence of signs, wonders, miracles and healing. Many people believe

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Guard The Gates – Part 3

Continuing this series on Guarding the Gates, which in concept really speaks of guarding the mind, we come to the

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Touches From God

Orphanages were already an important part of the everyday social landscape in the United States 100 years ago. As shocking

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Guard the Gates – Part 2

The expression of guarding the gates really has to do with guarding the mind. As noted in the previous message,

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Your Best Investment

Fourteen years ago I began a career as an investment advisor. After spending weeks studying for the state and federal

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10 Tips For Leading Change

1. Define and understand your own reaction to change in order to compare it to the reactions of others. Even

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Guard the Gates – Part 1

Early on in my days as an RN, I greatly enjoyed working with patients who had come through multiple trauma

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The Principle of Momentum

Why Shouldn’t We Succeed? · God wants you to succeed in ministry! · God desires that you experience great revival

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The Dark Side of Spiritual Abuse – Part 5

What I increasingly discovered was in these dark spiritually abusive environments, it serves as excellent and fertile conditions for hypocrisy

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What is Momentum?

Momentum is defined as “mass in motion.” All objects have mass; therefore, if an object of mass is moving, then

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The Dark Side of Spiritual Abuse – Part 4

Leadership seems to be the buzzword of our times. Bookstores now have multiple rows upon rows of books concerning this

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God’s Spoken Word

As a youngster in the church I recall a phrase that my parents and grandparents used to say on occasion.

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