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How Do I Influence Others?

The following are four insights to challenge and encourage you as you lead those God has entrusted to you. 1.

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Leadership’s Limitations

In this unpredictable and changing world, the one thing we can always control is the way we think. While we

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What’s Missing? (A Sermon Thought)

Children’s activities books often have these little exercises.  They will display one picture with many items and characters, and when

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Good Is The Enemy Of Great!

I love adventure. I like eating at restaurants that I’ve never eaten at before. I like going places I’ve never

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If We Really Knew We Surley Would

Jesus was talking to a lady at a well about the blessing that was so close to her, which was

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Reasons For Financial Difficulties

According to the latest statistics, over one-half of all families in America are experiencing financial difficulties. This includes single parent

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Leaders Love Growth

Only those leaders who act boldly in times of crisis and change are willingly followed.  (Jim Kouzes) Within the church,

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What Type Of People Will God Bring Your Way?

He is not going to send another you.  If you are waiting for Him to send someone who lines up

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Where To Look For Leadership In Your Church

One of the biggest problems in many of our churches is a lack of leadership.  Where do you find people

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A Few Things To Know About People Before You Use Them In Ministry

  They are not perfect. It’s true that if you wait for people to become perfect, you may be waiting

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I Reap Where I Sow Not

Mat 25:14-30 (14) For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his

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Understanding God’s Timing

One of the reasons so many ministries become discouraged and too often fail is the inability to understand God's timing. 

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